GUINNESS™ Stouties Bang Bang Cod

Ingredient ULF # Portion
GUINNESS™ Stouties Cod, approx. 1 oz 650030 8 pcs
Legout Cream Sauce Base 295453 1 Tbsp.
Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Wing Sauce 274951 2 Tbsp.
Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce 274946 ¼ cup
Mann Green Onions, sliced 138884 1 tsp.
ULF Parsley 299305 1 tsp.
Duda Celery Sticks, for garnish 127621 3 pcs
Carrots Sticks, for garnish 127118 3 pcs

Cook GUINNESS™ Stouties Cod per box instructions.

In a stainless steel bowl combine cream sauce base, buffalo wing sauce and sweet chili sauce. Toss Stouties with the sauce or serve sauce on side.

Finish with scallions and parsley