Mediterranean Grilled Pork Chop with Grilled Vegetables and Potatoes

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Seaboard 10 oz. Pork Chop 506838 1 each
Tulkoff Minced Garlic 430439 1 tsp.
CF Sauer Italian Seasoning 298828 1 tsp.
Zucchini 131228 2 oz.
Yellow Squash 131111 2 oz.
Red Bell Pepper 129724 2 oz.
Yellow Fingerling Potato 133868 3 oz.
Red Onion 138628 1 oz.
Dill 133512 ½ tsp.
Ken’s Lemon Vinaigrette 463218 2 oz.

Rub pork chop with Italian seasoning and grill to desired temperature. Blanch quartered potatoes. Combine all vegetables and potatoes with vinaigrette, toss, and cook on grill. Place vegetables and potato mixture on plate rest chop against them. Garnish with dill.