Of Field and Pasture Burger

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Franklin Street Sprouted Bun 719186 1 each
Pasture One 80/20 3-1 Beef Patty 515401 1 each
Bay Produce Tomato Slice 121777 1 each
Fresh Origins Popcorn Shoots 125429
Burnett Dairy Alpha Morning Sun Cheese 207936 .25 oz.
Minor’s Herb de Provence Aioli 295016 1 tsp.
Cut Fruit Sliced Sweet Potato 142991 1.5 oz.
Cut Fruit Sliced Beets 142992 3 oz.

Cook burger to proper temperature. Toast bun. Add toppings. Serve with Sliced Sweet Potatoes and Beets, fried or baked until crispy.