2015 Spring Food Show

Be Innovative web

innovative   [in-uh-vey-tiv]
1. introducing or using new ideas or methods
2. having new ideas about how something can be done

Be Inspired web

inspired   [in-spah-yuh-rd]
1. to be filled with the urge or ability to do or feel something
2. of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse

Join us for a day of inspiration and innovation at our 48th annual Spring Food Show at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center on May 5th. It’s your opportunity to get an exclusive look at our newest products, discover emerging trends, and learn about the greatest innovations driving the food industry. You’ll also get the chance to sample the latest offerings from over 150 exhibitors and move your business forward with incredible promotions and discounts. We host seminars, giveaways, and so much more, you do not want to miss this!

May 5, 2015
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
DECC, Duluth, MN

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