6 Recipes You Need to Try This Grilling Season


Here are 6 delicious recipes to kick off summer.

We created these grilling recipes just for you, and we’re going to keep you inspired all summer long. Scroll down to view our top 6 picks and click the link for the full recipe. If you grill it, they will come.

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Caribbean Blue Marlin Sliders

We coated our Morey’s Blue Marlin (#640150) in Caribbean jerk seasoning and topped it with spicy poblano mayo and fresh black bean and mango salsa.

Grilled Curry Cauliflower Steak with Indian Lentil Stew

No need for a double-take, cauliflower steaks are going to be popping up on menus all summer! We dressed up this vegetarian option with a delicious blend of lentils, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, and spinach.

Asian Grilled Chicken Legs with Jicama Slaw

We brought the heat with Minor’s Chili Garlic Ready-to-Use Sauce (#294586) and brushed it on some juicy chicken legs.

Chipotle Shrimp and Grilled Guacamole Tostaditos

Holy (grilled) guacamole! Tip: Add some smokiness to your guacamole by putting halved avocados on the grill.

Pulled Pork and Slaw Dog

This is the summer mash-up you’ve been dreaming of. We took three picnic favorites: a grilled hot dog, cole slaw, and a pulled pork sandwich, and combined them for a showstopping summer dish.

Grilled Banana Split

Just try and say no to this decadent, grill-inspired take on a classic banana split.

You’ve got the ideas, now get the goods.

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