Bring some sweet-heat to your menu.

Not for the faint of taste.

Take Your Sauce Game to the Next Level

It’s time to let your inner artisan shine. Sauce Craft’s exciting portfolio of cleaner-label, ready-to-use, scratch-tasting sauces makes it easy for you to create your masterpieces, while streamlining your pantry and controlling costs.

Gochujang Korean Pepper Sauce

463594 – 4/0.5 gal.

Your go-to for the ultimate umami experience balances traditional gochujang fermented pepper paste with soy and garlic to create an authentic sweet, spicy and saucy spin on a classic.
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Try it in Gochujang Spiced Nuts

Sweet Chili Sauce

463592 – 4/0.5 gal.

Mouthwatering sweet and mild Asian-inspired red chili pepper sauce with pops of garlic that’s as good to the tongue as it is to the eyes.
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Try it in Sweet Chili Ice Cream

Honey Sriracha Sauce

463590 – 4/0.5 gal.

Craveable, complex sweet heat that lights up taste buds with an unforgettable combo of red chili peppers and luscious honey.
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Try it in Roasted Cauliflower Tacos

Sauce Craft Brings it All to the Table

55% of consumers call sweet-heat a craveable* flavor. Go ahead, give the people what they want. 

*Datassential Menu Trends, Flavor and Ingredients, 2018