COVID-19: Advice from the Experts

Real advice from employees at Upper Lakes Foods

How should I start curbside pick-up?

  • Focus on 5-6 menu items that travel well (pasta, pizzas, etc.).
  • Family meals to-go are popular, capitalize on serving entrees and sides.
  • Get set up so customers can have the ability to pay roadside in case they don’t prepay (Square One).
  • Advertise on social media.
  • Come up with fun ideas to get people at your curb. Free roll of toilet paper with every order, anyone? There might be some takers.
  • Have a food truck? Work with local government to secure parking spots in front of businesses if needed.

Any tips for starting delivery?

  • Don’t try to have too big of a delivery area. Small can have a big impact too.
  • Set manageable minimums, but make sure you cover costs.
  • Offer menu items that travel well in to-go containers.

How do I deal with labor shortages?

  • Condense down your menu to manageable number of items.
  • Make smart business decisions, not personal.
  • As an owner, you may have to fill in labor gaps to get through these hard times.