Craft Beef Patties from Rancher’s Legacy

Craft beef patty blends from our local partner, Rancher’s Legacy, provide the ultimate gourmet eating experience for your guests. These burgers have the look and feel of a true hand-pattied burger without the added labor cost. The looser fill means they have a faster cook time, so you can get your guests what they’re craving fast.

Craft Burger Blends now in stock at Upper Lakes Foods:

514714 1/10 lb. 3-1 Chuck Blend Craft Beef Patty

514715 18/8 oz. 2-1 Chuck Blend Craft Beef Patty

514716 24/6 oz. 78% Chuck Blend Craft Beef Patty

514717 18/8 oz. 2-1 Angus Craft Beef Patty

514718 24/7 oz. 75/25 No Roll Craft Beef Patty

Rancher’s Legacy Meat Co.