Don’t pass on these Super Bowl menu ideas!



Make your place the place to be.

More than half of customers are interested in food and beverage pairings when dining out. When you entice dinner guests to order an appetizer, alcoholic beverage, and an entrée, check averages are 47% higher than average!

We’ve got some serving ideas below to ramp up your Super Bowl Sunday sales.

Serving Idea #1

pint with a pint

A Pint with a Pint

Nothing goes together like an ice-cold pint of beer and a warm, gooey cheese curd. Throw the curds in a Brew City® pint glass and offer a Pint with a Pint.

We suggest: Brew City® White Cheddar Cheese Curds, #705556

Serving Idea #2

big bite flight

Big Bite Flight

Pair small appetizers with beer flights. Samples are the #1 way to motivate guests to try new menu items.

We suggest: McCain Original Breaded Pickle Chips, #706042

Onion Ring Stack

Pair this innovative, shareable appetizer design with a pitcher of drinks for the table.

We suggest: McCain  5/8″ Gourmet Breaded Onion Rings, #704522