Instagram Marketing for Restaurants

There is one universal truth in the world of social media: people love taking pictures of their food. And now it is easier than ever to turn these snap-happy diners into free advertising for your restaurant.

Setting up an Instagram account for your restaurant not only allows you to share enticing images of your food, but creates a space to interact with customers before and after they leave your establishment. Here are some tips to start the conversation.

1. Getting Started

Select an easily recognizable Instagram username and use business keywords in your profile to help increase your search results.

2. #Hashtags

Tag each post with hashtags, and make them relevant so users can find you. Some key hashtags to include are your restaurant name and a signature dish or drink name. Other popular ones: #food #yum #dessert

3. Get the Word Out

Promote your account or hashtag on your website and social media channels. You can even print it on your menu! Diners will be able to view your photos and then be inspired to photograph their own experience!

4. Get Creative!

Once you have a group of loyal followers, keep them talking about you. Post behind-the-scenes photos of your chefs with their signature dish. Give your followers an exclusive look at a dessert that isn’t even on the menu yet. Host photo contests and encourage your followers to share your photos and use your hashtag.

5. Interact, Engage

Respond to comments and follow users who interact with you the most. You can even offer incentives to invite these consumers back. Free dessert, anyone?

Photo Tips:

  • Food looks best under soft, natural lighting.
  • Find filters that enhance the color of the dish.
  • Pair foods with contrasting textures for a dynamic photo, like soup and a rich, green parsley.
  • Take several photos from multiple angles and select the best one.
  • If it’s a burger or sandwich, cut it in half and capture the good stuff.