Make your own adventure at the Spring Food Show!

Giveaways at the Spring Food Show!

Make your own adventure when you win big at the food show! RED prizes will be given away on the day of the show, and GREEN prizes will be announced at the conclusion of the show shipping period (July 7, 2018).

SHOW PRIZE – 10:30 am

A catered excursion aboard the famous ULF Traveling Kitchen! The winner + 7 friends will enjoy food and travel in style to a sporting event!

SHOW PRIZE – 3:45 pm

$1,000 in cold, hard cash.

HOW TO WIN: Tickets for RED prizes will be handed out on the day of the show. You must be present to win.


A whole new way to binge watch Netflix. One lucky winner will receive a LG 64.5” Wallpaper OLED Signature TV!


$3,000 cash


A food lover’s dream come true: an all expenses paid trip to Italy!

HOW TO WIN: For every $100 purchased from the below sponsors at the show, you will receive the chance to win one of the GREEN prizes.

Giveaway Sponsors


Every time you place an order at select vendors’ booths, you receive a chance to win $2,000 cash! It’s that easy. Turn in your order sheet at the vendor’s booth and you’re entered to win!