PepsiCo. K-12 Fall 2022 Menu Item Pre-Book

Purchase a minimum of $25.00. Maximum of $5,000.00

Program Requirements:

  1. An operator must identify and purchase qualified product(s) from an eligible Broadline Distributor and submit pre-book form to PesciCo Foodservice sales rep at least three weeks before the requested delivery date.
  2. An operator must purchase 80% of their pre-booked order to qualify for the rebate.
  3. An operator will be paid on purchased cases of qualified product that ship during any 8 weeks of the promotion timing: September 4 – October 31, 2022
  4. Incentive cannot be combined with other incentive/rebate programs for the same products.

Purchases must be made from September 4 – October 31, 2022

Rebate must be postmarked by November 30, 2022

Allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Customer MUST SIGN UP in the link below to qualify for this rebate!



Product ULF # Pack size
Sunchips Garden Salsa 204200 104/1 oz.
Sunchips Harvest Cheddar 204214 104/1 oz.
Sunchips Original Multi-Grain 204198 104/1 oz.
Fritos Regular Corn Chips 204248 104/1 oz.
Tostitos Crispy Rounds Whole Grain 203265 104/.875 oz.
Rold Gold Heartzel Pretzels 204231 104/.7 oz.