Pierce Chicken Wings & Tempura

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Product ULF # Pack size
Pierce Fully Cooked Bone In Chicken Wing Zing $15.00/cs 681177 2/7.5 lb.
Pierce Fully Cooked Seasoned Breaded Chicken Wing Ding $15.00/cs 681154 2/7.5 lb.
Pierce Boneless Chicken Breast Wing Ding $10.00/cs 681159 2/5 lb.
Pierce OR Fully Cooked Homestyle Breaded Chicken Tender $10.00/cs 681179 2/5 lb.
Pierce Ready To Cook Golden Tender Fritter $10.00/cs 681172 2/5 lb.
Pierce Ready To Cook Homestyle Boneless Chunk Fritter $10.00/cs 681173 2/5 lb.