Blarney Burger

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Pan O Gold Split Top Bun 715991 1 each
Rancher's Legacy 3-1 Chuck Patty 513128 1 each
J&B Corned Beef, Cooked 552616 2 oz.
Guinness Stout 1 oz.
Highland Extra Heavy Duty Mayonnaise 463339 2 oz.
French’s Worcestershire Sauce 274920 1/4 oz.
Brighton Farms Cheddar Cheese 213171 1 slice
Capital City Fruit Red Onion 138629 1 oz., pickled or sauteed
McCain 1/4” Shoestring Coated Fry 690040 7 oz.

Toast bun and grill burger to desired temperature. Top burger with hot corn beef, cheddar cheese, Guinness Aioli and onions. Deep Fry French fries at 350 degrees until crisp and golden. Guinness Aioli- Combine mayo Guinness and Worcestershire sauce and whip until incorporated. Plate attractively and serve immediately.