Cauliflower Street Tacos

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Catallia 5" Flour Tortilla 782997 3 ea.
Mann's Power Blend 133963 1 oz.
Marie's Poblano Avocado Dressing 274340 1 Tbsp.
McCain Cauliflower Wings 705952 9 oz.
Capital City Red Onions, Sliced 138602 1 oz.
Foothill Farms Bread & Butter Pickling Mix 294261 0.5 oz.
Bix Cotija Cheese 208429 0.5 oz.
Capital City Limes 105353 3 wedges

Toss Power Blend and poblano avocado dressing to make slaw, chill.

Marinate sliced onions in pickling mix, chill.

Deep fry cauliflower per manufacturer’s instructions.

Warm tortillas and assemble all ingredients in tortilla shell, garnish with lime wedge.