Charred Lemon Grilled Wings

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Brakebush Naked Chicken Wingettes 681546 12 each
Ken's Lemon Vinaigrette 463218 3 oz.
Garlic Co. Fresh Peeled Garlic, chopped 128579 2 tsp.
Limoncello Liquor 1 oz.
Lemon Juice, fresh squeezed 105106 2 Tbsp.
ULF Rosemary, chopped 299651 2 tsp.
ULF Cracked Black Pepper 299370 1/2 tsp.
Lemon Zest 105106 1 Tbsp.
Winona Grated Parmesan Cheese 212308 1 Tbsp.
Lemons, quartered 105106 3 each

Combine all ingredients (except wings & lemon) in a bowl and mix well. Add wings for marinating. Marinate at least 4 hours. Remove wings from marinade & drain well. In a sauce pot, place the marinade and bring to a boil then remove from heat. Grill wings on low-medium heat turning frequently until crispy and internal temperature of 165 F. Place in mixing bowl & add sauce. Toss wings until all wings are coated well. Garnish with the grilled lemon quarters.