Dog Days Pulled Pork & Slaw Slider

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Cloverdale Fully Cooked Pulled Pork 553545 5 #
Franklin Street 2.5" Slider Bun 717832 1 each
Taylor Farms 1/4" Diced Onion 143608 4.5 cups
Taylor Farms 1/4" Diced Celery 144050 1 cup
Sweet Baby Ray's Original BBQ Sauce 290059 4.5 cups
Highland Market Garlic Powder 298733 2 Tbsp.
Highland Market Ground Cumin 298563 2 Tbsp.
Mrs. Gerry's Deli Fresh Coleslaw 148520 Dollop

Begin with the unseasoned and fully cooked pulled pork in a slow cooker on medium heat. Heat until the pork is warm. In a separate bowl mix the bbq sauce, garlic powder, ground cumin, diced onion and diced celery together. Mix the bbq sauce mixture with the pulled pork and turn to low. Let the sauce infuse with the pork for one hour.

Serve on a grilled slider bun and top with a generous dollop of coleslaw.

For a delicious and fresh summer entree serve 3 sliders with chips and a pickle spear.