Grilled Cheese Trio

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Franklin Street Bakery Caraway Rye Bread 717824 1 slice
Franklin Street Bakery Multigrain Wheat Bread 717814 1 slice
Franklin Street Bakery Cranberry Wild Rice Bread 719180 1 slice
Cahill Porter Cheddar Cheese 208817 2 oz.
Roth Kase Smoked Gouda Cheese 208213 2 oz.
Roth Kase Grand Cru Cheese 211702 2 oz.
Cloverdale 10-12 Hickory Bacon 549242 2 slices
Gala Apple 100720 2 slices
N/D Bix Produce Baby Spinach 139009 2 oz.
Campbell's Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque 776230 6 oz.
Roth Kase Buttermilk Blue Cheese 207711 1 oz.
Chives, chopped 133280 1 tsp.
Grassland Butter 214676 2 oz.

Sandwich #1: Caraway rye bread, porter cheddar, and bacon.

Sandwich #2: Whole grain wheat bread, smoked Gouda, and apple.

Sandwich #3: Cranberry wild rice bread, Grand Cru, and spinach.

Heat soup and place in bowl. Top soup with blue cheese and chives.

Brush all bread with butter and place on flat top grill. Place all ingredients appropriately on top of bread. Grill until cheeses have melted, cut in half and assemble.