Grilled Peach Salad

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Jennie-O Peppered Turkey Breast 692260 3 oz.
H. Brooks Red Onion 138602 1 oz.
Fisher Pecan Halves 431215 1 oz.
Aegean Feta Cheese Crumbles 211457 1 oz.
Marie’s Honey Dijon Dressing 274312 2 oz.
Bix Produce Peaches 113753 1 each
Bix Produce Tuscan Blend Lettuce 143016 2 oz.

Cut peach in to 8 wedges, grill, cool, and set aside. In mixing bowl, combine greens, mint, and dressing. Mix thoroughly and place on serving platter. Top with peaches, sliced red onions, pecans, feta, and turkey.