Herb Roasted Salmon Salad

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Ocean Horizons Salmon Fillet, 4 oz. 640429 1 each
Corto Olive Oil 267794 1 tsp.
Thyme 133118 1/4 tsp.
Dill 133513 1/4 tsp.
Land O Lakes Plain Yogurt 153067 2 oz.
Red Onion, julienned 138629 1/2 oz.
Taylor Farms Romaine Lettuce 143439 1 oz.
Taylor Farms Green Kale 136260 1 oz.
Driscoll Strawberry, sliced 111252 1 oz.
Fisher Sliced Almonds 430750 1 Tbsp.
Cucina Blue Cheese Crumbles 210802 1 Tbsp.

Lightly brush salmon with oil and sprinkle with thyme, dill, salt, and pepper. Place salmon skin in an oven at 350 degrees F for 15-20 minutes, or until internal temp reaches 155 degrees F.

Combine romaine, kale and dressing in a mixing bowl and toss with yogurt, coating evenly.

Place lettuce mixture on plate and decorate with remaining ingredients. Top with salmon fillet and serve.