Patty Melt Burger

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Incogmeato™ Veg. Burger Patty 591319 1 each
Packer Jumbo Yellow Onions 138750 As needed, sliced and caramelized
Brighton Farms Swiss Cheese 210333 1 slice
Duke's Thousand Island Dressing 271908 As needed
Rotella's Marble Rye Bread 716178 2 slices
Chef's Pride Canola Oil 261371 As needed
Grassland Butter 214676 As needed

1. On a flat top, add oil over medium heat. Add burger patty and cook for 6 minutes; flip halfway. End temperature should be 160ºF. Melt slice of Swiss cheese on top of patty.
2. Lightly butter the rye and toast on flat top, warm caramelized onions on flat top.
3. Spread the Thousand Island dressing on both pieces of rye, add the cooked patty with cheese and top with onions.