Pulled BBQ Salmon Sandwich with Cole Slaw

Ingredient ULF # Portion
High Liner Pulled Traditional BBQ Salmon, cooked as per instructions 640088 2.5 lbs.
Mrs. Gerry's Deli Fresh Cole Slaw 148522 1 lb.
McCain Incredi-Crisp French Fry 702361 2.5 lbs.
Baker Boy Premium Bun 717121 10 each
Grassland Melted Butter, with brush for spreading 214676 1/4 lb.

Lay opened buns onto a sheet pan, and brush with the melted butter. Toast in a hot oven, or broiler until golden brown. Once toasted, top each bun with about 4 oz of Pulled BBQ Salmon. Top with about 2 oz of the dressed cole slaw. Top that with the top bun, and serve with the hot and seasoned French fries. Serve.

Serves 10