Strawberry Sockeye Salmon Salad

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Ocean Horizons 6 oz. Sockeye Salmon 649569 1 each
Marzetti Apple Vinaigrette 269386 2 oz.
Fisher Sliced Toasted Almonds 430751 0.5 oz.
Mann Roma Crunch 133939 3 oz.
Driscoll Strawberries 111252 2 oz.
Anderson’s Maple Syrup 354549 1.5 oz.
Roth Kase Blue Cheese Crumbles 207711 1 oz.

Spray a sizzle plate with non-stick spray and place your salmon on it. Evenly spread the maple syrup on salmon and bake in 350°F oven until internal temperature reaches 155°F. Chop 3 oz. of washed Roma Crunch and toss with apple vinaigrette. Place lettuce in salad bowl and top with salmon, almonds, strawberries, and blue cheese. Serve immediately.