The El Paso Burger

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Rancher’s Premium Craft Patty 515719 1 each
Ken Davis Original BBQ Sauce 289960 1 oz
Cloverdale Bacon 14-18 Hickory 549279 2 strips
Emmi Roth Havarti Cheese 211703 1 slice
Cattleman’s Cowboy Seasoning 298689 To taste
Sugar Foods Lightly Salted Crispy Onions 195870 1/8 cup
Baker Boy Glossy Bun 717147 1 each

Cook bacon and set aside.
Season patty as desired and cook to internal temperature of 160 degrees.
Toast bun. Melt cheese on patty.
Assemble cooked patty with cheese and bacon on toasted bun and top with crispy onions.
Serve with BBQ sauce on the side.