The French Kiss Wrap

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Brakebush Tater Chip Tenders 682807 3 oz.
Catallia 12" Flour Tortilla 783004 1 each
French Onion Dip 2 tsp.
Cloverdale Applewood Bacon 549256 2 slices
Red Bell Pepper, julienned 129724 1/4 cup
Granny Smith Apple, julienned 100834 1/4 cup
Taylor Farms Baby Spinach 139009 1/3 cup
Mott's Lemon Juice 221632 1 tsp.
Sugar Foods Crispy Onions 195870 as desired

Heat chicken and place tortilla wrap on cutting board surface. Spread 1 tsp. of French onion dip and top with cooked bacon strips. In a bowl, toss together apple, red peppers, spinach, lemon juice.

Place chicken and crispy onions on top of the bacon. With a slotted spoon, line up the apple, pepper mixture atop the chicken. Roll tortilla wrap away from you and try to keep it tight. Press warm on flat grill top and serve (optional).