The Zeppelin

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Seaboard Pork Shoulder Brisket 506800 4 oz.
New French Telera Roll 719214 1 each
Emmi Roth Havarti Cheese 211703 3/4 oz.
Cloverdale Apple Smoked Bacon 549233 2 slices
Cloverdale Black Forest Ham 548987 2 oz.
Grey Poupon Bistro Sauce 269000 1 oz.

Grill pork shoulder brisket to 155 degrees and slice on sharp bias. Toast telera roll. Assemble by placing bistro sauce on heel of of telera roll, topped in order of sliced pork, Havarti cheese, cooked bacon, and ham with the crown on top. Accompany with a side of your choice and serve immediately.