Triple Treat Dessert

Ingredient ULF # Portion
S/O Pillsbury Thaw & Serve Caramel Molten Brownie 772560 1 each
S/O Pillsbury Thaw & Serve Chocolate Ganache Molten Brownie 772559  1 each
S/O Kemp's Cinnamon Ice Cream 755490 1 scoop
Baker Boy RTU Cinnamon & Sugar Mini Donuts 716846 3-4 donuts

Start by thawing a molten brownie with either a rich chocolate ganache center or smooth caramel center and then top with cinnamon ice cream.

Heat the donuts in a microwave, then add cinnamon and sugar to the bag and toss to coat.

Serve along side the brownie and ice cream for a triple treat dessert!