Ultimate Bacon Cheddar Brat

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Klements Bacon Cheddar Brat 584105 1 each
Baker Boy Brat Bun 718916 1 each
Smokehouse 220 Smoked Black Pepper BBQ 463411 1 oz.
Mann’s Veggie Power Slaw 133963 2 oz.
Marie’s Poblano Avocado Dressing 274340 2 oz.
Capitol City Avocado 114504 1/4 oz.
Bush’s Fiesta Black Beans 182021 2 oz.

Combine power slaw, dressing, avocado and refrigerate. Grill brat until internal temperature reaches 165°F. Heat beans to 165°F. Assemble and plate attractively with all components. Drizzle BBQ sauce over the cheddar bacon brat.