Ingredient ULF # Portion
IBP Boneless Pork Loin 520040 5 oz
Upper Crust Panko Breadcrumbs 430124 2 oz
Sparboe Farms Large Egg 215608 1 each
Dakota Premium Flour 345165 1 oz
Bix Assorted Peppers - Red, Yellow & Green 129707 1 oz
Capital City Yellow Onion 138750 1 oz
Cloverdale Smoked Black Forest Ham 548987 1 oz
Land O’ Lakes 40% Heavy Whipping Cream 149733 1 oz
Major Superb NAMSG Brown Gravy Mix 294328 2 oz
Marzetti Cooked Small Spaetzle Dumpling 763094 3 oz
Silver Floss Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage 283183 4 oz

Pound out pork loin to 1/2” thin. Bread with flour, egg, and breadcrumbs, in that order. Place in deep fryer until golden brown and internal temperature of 155 degrees is reached.

Sauté spaetzle and cabbage and transfer to plate. Saute peppers, onions, and ham. Add cream and bring to boil. Add brown gravy.

Place schnitzel over spaetzle and cabbage. Pour sauce over schnitzel.