What’s the Buzz for Summer?

From “A La Carte.” Wisconsin Restaurateur 1 Apr. 2016: 2. Print.

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What’s the Buzz for Summer?

Wondering what the new trends and buzzwords will be for the restaurant industry this summer? International food and restaurant consultants, Baum + Whiteman have identified the following buzzwords to describe their predictions for the restaurant industry in 2016:

  • Falafel appearing as vegetables in serious restaurants
  • Kombucha going mainstream
  • Burnt vegetables
  • “Shack” in restaurant names
  • Everything bagel seasoning mix
  • Root-to-stalk cooking
  • Why poke isn’t hokey
  • Globalized ramen
  • Adding seaweed to popcorn
  • More automation and kiosks in fast food, fast-casual restaurants – speeding up service, saving labor
  • 3-D food printers
  • General Tso flavorings
  • Alcoholic beverages in quick-service restaurants
  • Paella
  • Build-your-own options
  • Values, not value – consumers scrutinizng restaurants’ policies on health, wellness, sustainability, additives, GMO, animal welfare, employee wages
  • Nashville hot chicken
  • Fallout in frozen yogurt chains – juice bars may be next
  • Food halls galore
  • War on food waste
  • Philippine cuisine 

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