Which Trends Can You Capitalize On?

It can be tricky to integrate trends into your bar or restaurant without losing your own identity, and even harder to do so in a way that feels natural. Luckily, we have some ideas for you.

When incorporating trends into your program, keep things familiar. Instead of overhauling your entire menu to fit a recently popular ingredient, run “limited time only” specials. Specials are a foolproof way to test new menu items with your customers.

Diners are faced with trendy, cutting-edge menu options constantly, and they will often look for a familiar version of these things as an entry point. Try pairing the latest trends with old standbys. One example of this is the concept of a gourmet burger. No matter what brand-new ingredient you put on a burger, it’s still a burger, and nearly everyone can connect with that.

Once you know how to integrate a trend, how do you know which one will take your menu to the next level? Knowing your customers and what they’re looking for in a dining experience is crucial. Once you have a solid, reliable profile of your typical customer, you can start integrating trends that you know they’ll love. After all, in this business, the customer comes first.

Lastly, don’t try to sink your teeth into every trend that gains popularity if it doesn’t make sense for your establishment, your staff, and your customers.

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