Korean Chicken Sandwich

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Hormel Sous Vide Battered Chicken Breast 553566 1 ea.
Wholesome Harvest Sliced Pretzel Bun, Toasted 716206 1 ea.
Kimchi, Chopped 350555 2 Tbsp.
Cool Crisp Dill Pickles, Chopped 280031 2 Tbsp.
Sauce Craft Korean Pepper Gochujang Sauce 463594 1 Tbsp.
Highland Market Heavy Duty Mayonnaise 463398 1 Tbsp.
Baron Spices Sesame Seeds 280948 as needed

Make the kimchi relish with chopped kimchi and chopped dill pickles, set aside. Mix gochujang sauce and mayonnaise to make the gochujang mayonnaise.
Fry off the chicken breasts to 160°F internal temperature. Toast the pretzel bun and build the sandwich with the kimchi relish, chicken breast, gochujang mayonnaise, and sesame seeds.