Hollandaise without the headache.

All the rich, buttery flavor.
None of the hassle.

#296626 – Knorr Liquid Hollandaise, 6/32 oz.

Flavor they’ll love, prep you won’t believe.

Making hollandaise can be stressful and time consuming. That’s why Knorr used from-scratch recipes to create a simpler, equally rich and flavorful sauce.

• Creamy, consistent sauce
• Fast and simple prep
• Contains no MSG

Recipe Inspiration

Crab Cakes Benedict with Florentine Hollandaise

Take your Benedict game to the next level with rich Maryland-style crab cakes served with a wilted baby spinach hollandaise sauce–a brunch guests won’t forget.


Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict

Ready for brunch? Bring it on. Our Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict is made with smoky boneless pork, a honey chipotle BBQ sauce and served on warm cornbread.