Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Brakebush Diced Buffalo Chicken 673257 6 oz.
Hidden Valley Blue Cheese Dressing 270163 2 oz.
Belgioioso Oaxaca Mexican Cheese 214452 3 oz.
ProAct Green Onions 138884 2 tsp.
Capital City Diced Tomato 121152 2 oz.
Catallia 6" White Corn Tortilla 783045 4 ea.

Spread blue cheese dressing on two of the tortillas. Top with Buffalo chicken, onions, tomatoes, cheese, then the other two tortillas.

Sear on flat top until one side is golden and flip to sear the other side. Once finished, cut in quarters and arrange decoratively on a plate and serve.