Korean-Style Crab Cakes

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Handy Crab Lump Backfin Crab 243057 1 can
Sparboe Eggs 215608 2 each
Upper Crust Panko 430124 1 cup
Tulkoff Garlic 430439 2 tsp.
Ginger, finely chopped 128598 1 tsp.
Sauce Craft Gochujang 463594 3 oz.
Mann’s Green Onion 138884 1 oz.
Mann’s Power Blend 133963 2 oz.
Sauce Craft Honey Sriracha 463590 1 oz.
ProAct Cilantro 127771 1 tsp.

In a medium sized mixing bowl, place the crab meat, egg, green onion, gochujang, garlic and ginger. Gently, mix these ingredients without breaking up the crab too much. With a 2 oz. scoop, portion and hand shape each cake.

On flat top or sauté pan, sear the formed cakes on both sides until golden. Finish in the oven until internal temp reaches 165 degrees.

In a small mixing bowl, combine power blend and honey sriracha sauce to make the Asian slaw. Finish with toasted sesame seeds, gochujang aioli, and green onions.