Spanish Chicken Wing Bowl

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Brakebush Jumbo Naked Wings 681549 5 ea
Cholula Chipotle Carnitas Seasoning 290626 1 tsp
Ben's Original Long Grain White Rice 381300 2 cup
Fresh Cilantro 127771 1 Tbsp, chopped + 1 sprig
Capital City Fruit Fresh Roma Tomato 121350 1 ea, diced
Seneca Frozen Black Beans 756806 1 cup
Flav R Pac Pepper Onion Blend 758904 1/2 cup
Baron Spice Paprika Fine 280894 1 tsp
Mega Mex Guajillo Peppers & Spice Paste 489426 1 tsp
6" Yellow Corn Tortilla - Cut in Strips 783043 1/4 cup
Chef-Mate White Queso 294556 1 Tbsp

Deep fry chicken wings until internal temperature of 165 degrees.
Immediately after removing from fryer, sprinkle carnitas seasoning over the wings.
Heat rice, cilantro, beans, tomatoes, pepper and onion mixture, guajillo sauce, and paprika spice in saute pan until hot.
Place rice mixture in serving bowl and place wings next to the pile of rice.
Drizzle queso over the exposed rice mixture and then place the tortilla strips to the side opposite the chicken.
Garnish plate with cilantro sprig.