Taco in a Bag

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Barrel O'Fun Taco in a Bag Chips 202567 4 bags
Pro Act Romaine Lettuce 136432 2 cups
Cloverdale 95% Fat Free Fully Cooked Beef Taco Meat 674411 1 lb.
Capital City Tomato, chopped 121004 1 ea.
Brighton Farms Shredded Monterey Jack & Cheddar Cheese 211758 1 cup
Rema Foods Sliced Ripe Black Olives 286856 1/4 cup
Campbell’s Thick & Chunky Mild Salsa 291997 1/3 cup

Cook taco meat as instructed. Fill taco chip bag with meat and top with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and cheese. Serve with salsa on the side.