Alaskan Waters Combo

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Mrs. Friday’s Craft Beer Battered Cod 625591 2 each
Mrs. Friday’s Craft Beer Battered Pollock 625574 2 each
McCain Natural Chip 701384 3 oz.
Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt 308710 1 tsp.
Heinz Malt Vinegar 457515 2 oz.
Baker Boy Wheat Pullman Bread 742652 2 slices
Lemon 105130 2 wedges
Harvest of Eden Capers 188376 1 tsp.
Gold Medal Heavy Duty Mayo 271478 2 oz.
Cool Crisp Dill Pickle Relish 281599 1 tsp.
Red Onion, Fine Diced 138629 1 tsp.

Fry potato chips in advance to service. Season with salt. Deep fry both cod and Pollock for 5-6 minutes in 350°F. Toast bread and serve with malt vinegar, tartar sauce and lemon wedges.

Tartar Sauce: Combine mayo, capers, pickle relish and onion in small bowl and mix thoroughly.