Barbacoa Beef Bowl

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Café H Barbacoa Beef 553255 4 oz.
Ben's Original Long Grain White Rice 381300 1-½ cups
McCormick's Smoky Chipotle Carnitas Seasoning 290626 ½ tsp.
Flav R Pac Seasoned Onion & Pepper Blend 758904 ½ cup
Flav R Pac Roasted Corn & Black Beans 758929 ½ cup
Capital City Fruit Avocado Halves 114512 1 each
McCormick's Guacamole & More Seasoning 298690 1 tsp.
Fresh Lime Juice 227512 1 tsp.

Heat beef to 165°F internal temperature. In small bowl, combine rice with carnitas seasoning, heat and then place in serving bowl. Heat peppers and onions, and beans and corn and place in serving bowl. Place barbacoa on top of rice and vegetables. Mash the avocado with Guacamole & More seasoning and lime juice. Place guacamole on top of beef.