Northern Comfort Meatloaf

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Rancher’s Legacy Beef & Pork Meatloaf 588748 5 lb.
McCain Redskin Mashed Potatoes 701954 5 lb.
Bix Produce Tri-Color Baby Carrots with Tops 127258 10 each
Bix Produce Diced Root Vegetable Mix 141088 3 lb.
AdvancePierre Veal Demi Glace 567502 6 oz.

Form and bake meatloaf in 350°F oven until internal temp reaches 155°F. Place 1 package of mashed potatoes in boiling water until heated thoroughly. Lightly coat baby carrots and root vegetables with oil, salt, and pepper then roast in 350°F oven until tender. Heat demi glace and brush over meatloaf prior to serving.