Signature Shrimp Burger

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Harvest of the Sea Breaded Shrimp Patty 569791 1 ea.
ProAct Green Leaf Lettuce 135806 1 ea.
Sauce Craft Signature Sauce 463424 2 oz.
Lemon, Cut into Wedge 105106 1 ea.
Tomato, Sliced 121152 2 ea.
Capital City Jumbo Red Onion, Sliced 138602 2 ea.
Pan O Gold 4.5" Artisan Bun 715992 1 ea.

Place shrimp patty in the fryer or bake in the oven. Toast the bun on flat top grill until golden.

Assemble sandwich by placing lettuce on the heel of the bun, topped with tomato, shrimp patty, signature sauce, red onion and finish with the crown of the bun. Serve with lemon wedge.