The Better-For-You Breakfast

Ingredient ULF # Portion
S/O Jones Farm 14-18 Uncured Turkey Bacon 581448 2 slices
Baker Boy Sliced Square Croissant 724640 1 each
Michael Foods Cooked Egg Patty 763168 2 each
Brighton Farms Sliced Swiss Cheese 210333 2 slices
N/D Bix Produce Sliced Tomato 140044 2 slices
Jones Farm Chicken Sausage Link 581450 3 each
N/D Revol Baby Arugula 133984 1/2 oz.

Heat turkey bacon, sausage, and eggs in a 350°F oven. Toast croissant. Place bacon and cheese between layer of egg. Assemble sandwich with tomatoes and arugula.