Bangin’ Bluegill Bacon Sliders

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Eddie M's Bluegill Fillets 624197 3 ea.
Baker Boy 3" Brioche Slider Bun 715869 3 ea.
Go Fresh N/D Coleslaw Mix 145817 1 oz.
Foothill Farms Spicy Pickled Garlic Mix 294262 1 oz.
Cloverdale Brown Sugar Cured Bacon 549277 1 sli.
Highland Market Mayonnaise 463339 1.5 oz.
Capital City Lemons 105106 0.5 ea.
Upper Crust Panko 430124 1 c.
Papetti Easy Eggs 763383 2 oz.
Int'l Foods H&R Flour 345010 1.25 c.

Thaw bluegill filets. Dredge filets in the flour, then egg and panko. Set aside.

Combine coleslaw mix with the spicy garlic pickling mix and allow to marinate for 1 hour. Set aside.

Cook bacon well done and crumble. Combine with mayo to make aioli. 

Place breaded bluegill into 350 degree fryer and cook til golden brown.

Toast the slider bun.

Spread the bacon aioli on the bottom of the bun, set on the bluegill filet, then the pickled coleslaw and the crown of the bun. Serve immediately.