The Big Bad Bloody Caesar

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Mott's Clamato Juice 220889 6 oz.
J. Wilbur Bloody Mary Seasoning 220824 1 tsp.
Vodka n/a 2 oz.
Klements Beef Stick 584263 1 each
Mazzetta Peeled and De-veined 16-20 Raw Tail-On Shrimp 606734 1 each
Rancher’s Legacy 2 oz. Beef Slider Patty 515010 1 each
Franklin Street Brioche Slider Bun 717832 1 each
Cool Crisp Dill Pickle Spear 283151 1 each
4” Celery Stick 144301 1 each

Combine vodka, Clamato, and seasoning and pour into a glass with ice.

Saute shrimp in pan until cooked through.

Grill burger patty until desired temperature and place on slider bun. Use skewer to hold in place.

Garnish with beef stick, celery, pickle, and shrimp.