Upper Lakes Foods Launches its Environmental Stewardship Initiative, Planet to Plate

Upper Lakes Foods, Inc. announces the official launch of their company-wide Environmental Stewardship Initiative, Planet to Plate.

As a family owned and operated, local food distributor, Upper Lakes Foods, Inc. has made a commitment to the health and sustainability of our environment, economy and community. We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint by conserving our natural resources, energy, waste and water usage in our facilities and in our fleet.

Sustainable efforts completed to date:

  • Our truck fleet is equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) which is an emissions- reduction technology using Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to deliver near-zero emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) that contributes to acid rain, smog and greenhouse gas levels. As we replace our trucks, our fleet now reaches the EPA standards for fuel economy and emissions control.
  • Eliminated foam, plastic and one-time utensils for daily use. Replaced with real plates, bowls, mugs and flatware
  • Purchased BPA-free water bottles for each employee for daily reuse
  • Created a recycling and composting program in the facility
  • Installed energy efficient hand-dryers in all restrooms
  • Installed faucet aerators to reduce water usage by 50%
  • Low-flow toilets throughout facility
  • Replaced all soap and dish chemicals with environmentally friendly and natural products
  • Installed occupancy sensors for lighting in our 126,690 square foot warehouse (coolers, dry storage and freezers)
  • Energy saving lighting replacement throughout facility (working with MN Power program)
  • Donate un-sold food to local food banks
  • Pursue environmentally superior product options for our customers
  • Farm to School Program member
  • Local, Minnesota coffee program
  • Sustainability specialist on staff

Upper Lakes Foods, Inc. Environmental Stewardship Mission:

“Upper Lakes Foods, Inc. is committed to sustaining our planet’s natural resources by continually improving the efficiency of our operations, working with our suppliers to provide environmentally superior products and supporting and assisting our customers in reaching their sustainability goals. Upper Lakes Foods, Inc. is dedicated to providing a culture of care for our employees, customers and suppliers that promotes health and wellness; economically, environmentally and socially, through philanthropic efforts, including donation and employee volunteerism.

Upper Lakes Foods, Inc. is devoted to supporting our company’s core values at all times; Work Ethic, Attitude, Integrity, Teamwork, Appearance and Respectful Interaction.”