Aunt Fannie’s Fly Punch really works!


No one likes fruits flies… especially customers, patrons and departments of health! Fruit flies carry food-borne illness, increase liabilities, and cost you money. So forget the “do it yourself” remedies and let Fly Punch do the work for you. Aunt Fannie’s non-toxic Fly Punch is safe, natural, and hardworking.

  • Fast. No other solution will eliminate your fruit fly problem as efficiently.
  • Powerful. One dive jar is most potent for 2 weeks.
  • Simple. No complicated instructions or setup.logo
  • Clean. Made from natural concentrates with no poisonous ingredients.
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1. Buy Fly Punch!

One dive jar is most potent for 2 weeks and covers an area of about 500 cubic feet.

#475477 Aunt Fannie’s Fruit Fly Punch Trap Starter, 1/6 ct.

#475478 Aunt Fannie’s Fruit Fly Punch Refill, 1/6 ct.

#475479 Aunt Fannie’s Fruit Fly Punch Refill, 1/12 ct.

2. Open the dive jar flip top and remove the seal.

Aunt Fannie and the fruit flies will take care of the rest.

3. Set out your Fly Punch dive jars.

Place your jars near common fruit flies areas.

4. Count the bodies.

If you like that sort of thing.


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