Creekstone Farms

 Creekstone Farms raises the bar for quality beef in the industry.  Their Premium & Natural Black Angus Beef programs are among the finest in the country, and certified by the USDA. Their corporate vision is to produce quality, not quantity; and Upper Lakes Foods is proud to partner with them. 

Based in Arkansas City, Creekstone Farms adheres to a strict standard of excellence.  They combine the superior genetics of Black Angus cows with exceptional, state-of-the-art cattle management practices to consistently produce a premium product. They only use 100% Black Angus cattle born in the United States, and they can trace their cows’ lineage to ensure its lines are pure. Creekstone’s facility was designed by Temple Grandin, a renowned doctor of animal science and consultant to the livestock industry. Her insight helped to create an atmosphere where the animals are treated humanely and are free from fear and distress. Creekstone owns their processing facility, allowing them to oversee every aspect of production.

Their Natural Black Angus Beef program is truly the definition of “natural.” Their cattle are untouched by antibiotics and growth hormones, and fed only a 100% vegetarian diet. Creekstone also follows the stringent guidelines set by the USDA and undergoes quality inspections. Raising cattle this way requires more work, but to Creekstone, hard work is the price for quality.

Todd from Creekstone came by the ULF kitchen to cook up some delicious burgers and reiterate what Creekstone Farms believes in. Take it away, Todd!