Eco Friendly Products for Your Restaurant

In honor of Earth Day, check out our line of affordable, compostable products from RJ Schinner.

Greenware products are made entirely from plants – not petroleum. Research shows that’s something consumers look for in the restaurants they frequent. Sturdy, crystal-clear Greenware is made from Ingeo biopolymer, a PLA resin derived from plants and is 100% compostable. Show customers you’re doing the right thing with Greenware.


Manufactured to exacting standards from sustainable resources. Primeware products are made with PLA film by Nature Works Ingeo, certified
compostable (in commercial facilities), produced with sustainable resources, and meets ASTMD6400 compostability.


Primeware containers are disposable, compostable, have a very secure locking system, sturdy, can hold hot or cold food items, and are microwave and freezer safe. PLA lining virtually eliminates all the moisture issues previously associated with very hot foods and bagasse containers.