Expert Tips on Cooking Duck Like a Pro

Looking to go the extra mile with your duck dish? Maple Leaf Farms has worked with hundreds of fantastic and creative chefs over the years, and they are happy to bring their tips and tricks to you.

Use a Cool Pan
Always place duck breast in a cool pan skin side down, then turn the heat to medium low to start rendering the fat for 10 minutes. This low and slow method gives the perfect crispy skin.

Score and Render
Score the skin by cutting it into 1/4 inch intervals in a crisscross pattern on the duck breast. This will ensure the fat is rendered evenly. You can render off up to 70% of the fat this way.

Save Your Duck Fat
Save the rendered duck fat! You can use it to roast vegetables or add to mashed potatoes.

Source: Maple Leaf Farms

Start with Quality Product

Medium Sized Boneless Duck Breast
683389 – 24/6.5-9.5 oz. avg.

Fully Cooked Duck Wing Drumette
683324 – 5/2 lb.

Sweet Corn Bacon Duck Wonton
683331 – 100/1.2 oz.

Roasted Half Duck
683336 – 12/15 oz.

Duck Bone-in Leg & Thigh
683337 – 36/9 oz. avg.

Recipes to Inspire Your Creativity

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