Keep Your Eyes on the Pies

‘Tis the season for pie!

Our top six picks for the holiday season each put their own innovative twist on traditional, and they are all guaranteed to be showstoppers. Scroll to discover some holiday goodness and contact your salesperson when ready to order.

Featured Pies for the Holidays



Apple Salted Caramel Sliced Pie

Generous chunks of cinnamon-spiced apples combined with a sweet yet complex salted caramel layer.

6/8 ct.


Banana Creme with Dark Chocolate Ganache Sliced Pie

Banana creme with fresh banana and silky chocolate.

4/8 sli.


Chocolate Mousse with Caramel Sliced Pie

An indulgent pairing of creamy chocolate mousse and sweet caramel.

6/10 ct.


10″ Unbaked Strawberry Pie

The best strawberry pie on the market starts with fresh, hand-picked California strawberries for a pie that’s loaded with real berry flavor.

6/42 oz.


10″ Unbaked Lemon Blueberry Pie

Your customers will love the balance of sweetness and tartness in every delicious bite.

6/42 oz.


9″ Unbaked Spinach Potato Pie

Flavored with fresh chives and a hint of lemon, this spinach pie is both hearty and delicious.

8/34 oz.